Sunday, May 15, 2011

Here we go!!! Wakacha Victory Brand nue Track

Have u heard the term Swagger on Steroids-(S.O.S)...well triple dat and u get one big word..WAKACHA. 5 Young kids from the same neighborhood have decided to join forces and try the blessing in the industry. Swagger is sick and they needed a doctor, B'hits Music Emergency Room was ready to operate on this new crew and make sure Swagger survives. 

Nas 3, Giga flow, Jux, Rich Boy and Cyril form the lineup of Wakacha under close supervision of non other than Pancho Latino and New Management  team BLACK PANTHERS INC. shit gets hot every little second. 

"Here We Go" is a Swagger track something everybody does but definitely not like this. The lyrics itself are visual and the beat speaks for itself. Wakacha has already made enough material before cumin out and its Release from here....HERE...WE....GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 1 point to be remembered, this track should be played in SERIOUSLY HIGH VOLUME..SERIOUS, JUST TRY.


Song:  Here we Go

Artist:  WAKACHA

Created and Composed by: Nas 3, Giga Flow, Cyril, Rich Boy, Jux n Pancho Latino

Written ByNas 3, Giga Flow, Cyril, Rich Boy, Jux

Produced, Recorded, Engineered and Additional instruments By:  Pancho Latino At B’Hits Studio 1, Dar es Salaam.

Mixed and Mastered By: Hermy B At B’Hits Studio 3, Dar es Salaam. 

All rights Reserved Under Copyright And Neighboring Right Act, only for personal entertainment, not for sale.

Hermy B, Pancho Latino appears courtesy of B’Hits Music Group Located In Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

Wakacha appears courtesy of Black Panthers INC. Located In Dar es Salaaam Tanzania.

Hope Ya’ll going to have fun.

Life’s Too Short…Make The most of it. 

Hermes B. Joachim Lyimo (Hermy B)
CEO B’Hits Music Group Ltd.

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